Ian and Elias (surprise tenure party, 1994)
Ian Reynolds with Elias, 1994 (tenure party!)

Elias and Leslie with Hermann Schobesberger, coffee after seeing Oetzi, Bolzano, Italy 2002
Hermann Schobesberger and Leslie, Bolzano, Italy, 2002
Elias, Karl Kandler and Ralph Loring at SFN, New Orleans 2003
Karl Kandler & Ralph Loring,
SFN, New Orleans, 2003

Suzanne Zukin, Juan Lerma and Jon Johnson
SFN, early 1990's

Winter Conference for Brain
Research, Copper Mt, CO,
January 2009

Elias and Leslie, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Summer 2007

Pure zinc

Patrick with Michael Tamkun and Ed Levitan, thesis defense

Mandar and Elias
Pittsburgh Steelers Victory
Parade, February 3, 2009

Mandar's Ph.D. defense, August 24, 2009. Committee: John Horn, Don DeFranco, Bruce Pitt, Kathy Albers. External examiner: Bill Shuttleworth



Patrick and Mandar, Dead Sea
mudISZB meeting,
December 2009 Israel

Mandar's defense party, August 24, 2009

Bobby Saadi presents his poster,
SFN, DC, Nov. 2011

Lab trip down the Middle Yough, July 20, 2011

Callie, Elias, Niyathi and Meghan,
SFN Zinc Social, DC, Nov. 2011

Elias and Carlos, SFN, DC, 2011

Bobby Saadi Graduates and receives the Neuroscience Research Excellence Award!

Scenes from ISZB Meeting, Melbourne, Australia January 2012 (Clockwise from top left: Elias with Ananda Prasad; Meghan, Niyathi and Callie; Elias with Paul Rosenberg; Thanos Tzounopoulos, Glen Andrews and Bill Shuttleworth)


In Luna Park, St. Kilda, Victoria, January 2012

Sumon visits Pittsburgh,
September 2012

With Christer Hogstrand and Wolfgang Maret at the SFRRI meeting,
London, September 2012

With John Weiss, Washington,
DC, October 2012

With Kengo Homma, Atsushi Takeda, Toshiyuki Fukada, Taiho Kambe, Yoshio Fujitani and Hirokazu Hara at the 85th Japanese Biochemical Society Meeting, Fukuoka, Japan, December 2012

Niyathi and Meghan at SFN
San Diego, November 2013


Meghan celebrates her Ph.D. defense!
December 9, 2013

Chen Gu, Ian Forsythe, Len Kaczmarek, Liz Jonas, Leslie and Elias Aizenman, WCBR, Steamboat, January 2014

Kv2.1 panelists, WCBR, January 2014, Steamboat
Federico Sesti, Niyathi Hegde Shah, Elias Aizenman, Mike Tamkun and DP Mohapatra

ISZB President Wolfgang Maret, President-elect Michal Hershfinkel and Past President Elias Aizenman. ISZB Conference, Asilomar, CA, September 2014

Moving out - 14th Floor BST1 after 25 years - January 2015

With GA Herin at SFN, Washington DC November 2014

Moving in -7th Floor BST3 - PIND - January 2015

Neurodegeneration panelists, ASN, March 2015, Atlanta
Shan Ping Yu, DP Mohapatra, Elias Aizenman, Dandan Sun

TTony and Katerina are awarded the Excellence in
Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Excellence Award! April, 2015

BST3, our new digs!

Celebrating Tony's and Katerina's graduation and award.
May, 2015

Elias in Petra, ISFN meeting
December 2015

Lab city bike ride!
August, 2015

With Thanos and Michal, Jerusalem
December 2015

Niyathi Graduates!!
May, 2016

With Niyathi and Tony, Match Day!
March 2016

At Bricolage's Imaginarium!!
We did not get out...October, 2016

Becca and Yang in action at SFN
November, 2016

The five ISZB presidents together at ISZB 2017, Pyla, Cyprus
Glen Andrews, Elias Aizenman, Wolfgang Maret, Michal Hershfinkel and
Kathryn Taylor, June, 2017

Elias with Hide Ichijo
ISZB 2017
Pyla, Cyprus
June, 2017

Enjoying lunch in Pyla, Elias with Paul Rosenberg, Michal Hershfinkel
and Noam Levaot (The bone is not a rock!)
June, 2017

Elias with John Weiss and Ashley Bush
ISZB 2017, Pyla Cyprus

Gabby and Ashlyn pay their respects to Lord Stanley
Go Pens!!
July 2017

Ashlyn's final presentation for the
Honors College Heath Sciences (HCHS)
Summer Fellowship
July, 2017

Celebrating Gabby and Ashlyn's graduation! May 2018

Gabby and Ashlyn receive the Neuroscience Research Excellence Award! May 2018

Celebrating at Elise Stanley's retirement symposium with Richard Tsien, Elias Aizenman, Hartmut Schmidt, Tobias Moser, Gerald Zamponi, Sumiko Mochida, Elise Stanley, Rajesh Khanna, Allen Chan, Henrique von Gersdorff and Ling-Gang Wu.
Toronto, Canada October 2018

Ashlyn, Gabby and Tony, our self-described "lab rats"

Elias with Yang, Tony and Becca, with border guards. Tzofar, Israel;
at the Jordanian Border. ISFN meeting, January 2019

Becca at SFN poster session, San Diego
October 2018
(with Thanos checking things out)